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Ministry Workbook

We have designed a Campus Ministry Workbook for YOU, the Jesus On Campus Ministry Workbook.  Whether you are a student leader or an adult who mentors student leaders, the Jesus On Campus Ministry Workbook will really help you to pursue Jesus and to actively love your friends and campus for Jesus!

Below we have posted sections of the workbook for easy download as PDF files, as well as the workbook in its entirety, if you would like it. If you would like a hard copy of the workbook, contact our office at and we will provide one for you!

Click on the links below to open and print the portions you want. If you’d like to download the files and save them to your computer right click on the links and then choose “Save Target As.” This may be faster and the files will be stored on your computer for easy access!

Jesus On Campus Ministry Workbook Downloads

Campus Ministry Workbook  – The Whole Thing! (with a few abbreviated chapters)
Download the Complete Workbook here.

Individual Chapters (unabridged)

  1. OPENING…What does Jesus want to do through me on my campus and how will this workbook help me?
  2. BROKENNESS…I know that my friends need Jesus. Why do I need Jesus? Why is that important?
  3. ABIDING…We need Jesus more than anyone else. What does it mean to “abide in Jesus?” How do we do it?
  4. COMMUNITY…Why is being in community so important for us and our campus?  How do we do it?
  5. COACH/MENTOR…Why is it important to find a coach or mentor for our team? How do we find one?
  6. RELATIONSHIPS…How do we reach our friends naturally, through relationship, like Jesus did?
  7. STORY…Who does Jesus want us to reach out to? What do we say?  How do we tell the Jesus-Story? Our own story?
  8. TRYING IT OUT…What are Holy Experiments? Why are they important? How do we live together this way?
  9. CAMPUS RESOURCE GUIDE…an overview of the Jesus On Campus Resource Section
  10. WHAT TO DO…What do we do when we get together? How do we spend time in the Bible together?
  11. STARTING A CLUB…How do we start an on-campus club? What are the steps?
  12. PRAYER & OUTREACH IDEAS…What are some ideas for doing outreach? What prayer strategies have other students used on their campuses?
  13. LEGAL ISSUES…What do we do people tell us that it is illegal for there to be a Bible Club? Where can we get good, free legal help?
  14. EDUCATORS SECTION…What do educators need to know? How can they help students on campus?
  15. YOUTH WORKERS & PARENTS…What can youth workers & parents do to help their students be effective for Jesus while they are at school?
  16. HELP & PARTNERS…How do we find groups that could partner with us? What resources are out there for us on our campus?
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