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South Pacific Islander Network

YFC SPIN, Southern Pacific Islander Network, has been a part of Youth For Christ for over 40 years.  What started out in a garage on the West of Long Beach, CA., with Saturday morning outreaches to evening rallies has now grown in having networks with local ministries and churches throughout Southern California.  Our call is to reach out to our own Polynesian community and share the Gospel, but it doesn’t stop there. Our mission is to reach young people from any background, any neighborhood and give them the opportunity to know Jesus Christ as their personal savior and plug them into our local churches to be challenged and grow spiritually.  Look for updates for summer camps, outreach events, festivals and other youth links through our Facebook Page.

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SPIN Youth Summer Camps: YFC SPIN Ministry, for the last 20 plus years, has organized summer youth camps for local inner-city jr. high and high school students.  Students spend 3 days in the beautiful San Bernadino Mountains, being equipped with the Word of God, team building challenges and personal growth through building relationships with God and other students.  Every year we prepare to take 60-200 students and every year it gets better.  
SPIN CITY Summer Camp is coming back in the summer of 2023
If you are interested in being contacted, please email us at mail@socalyfc.org

SPIN WORSHIP TEAM: Our worship team understands that music is one of the greatest tool our young people can relate to.  We use what God has given us and provide a new sound through hip hop, gospel, contemporary worship and rely on the presence of the Holy Spirit for breakthrough worship experiences.  The Lord has opened doors for us at youth conferences, summer camp, outreach events and cultural festivities.

Email: spincitylife@gmail.com

 Email us: spincitylife@gmail.com

 Volunteer Staff please email us.  spincitylife@gmail.com

Look for updates for summer camps, outreach events, festivals and other youth links through our Facebook Page.

Contact this ministry through the YFC office: 562.429.1782.
Donations: Please use the “GIVE NOW” button below and mention that your donation is for the Spin Ministry.  We really appreciate your support!

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