Cars and In-Kind Donations

Creative Donations that make and Impact!

 Want to donate your vehicle to Southern California Youth for Christ?  It is super easy!  We partner with an awesome organization, Cars 4 Causes, that will walk you through the 2 minute process step-by-step.  They come pick up your vehicle and take care of all the paper work.  You get a tax deductable reciept and SoCal YFC recieves your donation.

You can contact Cars 4 Causes at 888-444-2392 or go to their donation form online at

In-Kind Dontations

Youth for Christ in Southern California accepts all types of In-Kind donations.  We ask that you contact our office to determine our current needs or if we can accept what you would like to donate.  Please call our office at (562) 429-1782 or email us at [email protected]