Kimy Brennan

Long Beach Campus Ministry & Social Media

What do you do with YFC?
I am YFC's Long Beach Intern. I am helping to develop CORE groups, connect local church youth workers with our networking group, create new ideas that are effective for social media outreach, and participate in event planning & coordinating.

What are you passionate about what you do?
Today, students are being influenced every minute by so many different forms of culture. I believe that they are searching for something true and genuine because the culture has fed them false ideas and lies all their lives. I am blessed by being a part of the mission of bringing students to a real and honest relationship with Jesus through many different outlets. In relationship with students, I feel my soul soaring and my cup overflowing.

Tell us a bit about your family.
I live with my immediate family which consists of: my sister, Sarah, who is a pharmacy technician and lives out her calling daily; my brother-in-law, Sean, who is the youth pastor at our home church; and my nephew, Caspian, who was born in March 2016. I have seen so much of who God is through my family and their commitment to love, grace, and family.

What would people be surprised to know about you?
I sang back-up vocals at a Third Day concert in 2015 at the Nokia Theatre! One of the coolest opportunities I've ever had!

What is your favorite thing to do?
I love creating new things. Whether it's paint on a canvas, words on a page, or a new song I'm writing for piano, I love all things creative!

What is your favorite passage of scripture?
Philippians chapter 2 is one of my favorite chapters. I love what Paul writes about imitating Christ's humility. It always serves as a good reminder how we as the Church should interact and be seen as.

What's in your playlist right now?

"In The River" - Jesus Culture
"Never Gonna Stop Singing" - Jesus Culture
"Alive in You" - Jesus Culture
"Glorioso" - Aaron Encinas (BJ Putnam)
"No Longer Slaves" - Bethel Music
"Glorious" - Bryan & Katie Torwalt
"Steady Heart" - Steffany Frizzel Gretzinger
"Where You Are" - Hillsong Young & Free